Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nestlé Kit Kat Bites! (The Poem)

I had been thinking to write a new post since i finished the last one, so i decided to do it today. I was thinking what title should i put, even though i had a few things in mind to put in the content edy..Then again, life is very colourful and magical. The chewing-gums and mentos i've been giving to her paid off today. She gave me back a 40g packet of Kit Kat Bites. So there you go for the title. Thank you Aishah!!!!!!

In this post, I'll be posting the poem up and provide a good (i hope) interpretation of mine on it. I'm a very democracy man, so dont feel like the way you see this poem is wrong if its different from what you'll be reading. No one's right or wrong in Literature. (whoa!!!!!) =)For those who hasnt seen the original poem, here you go.








-Ok first thing i want to say is, I didnt use any punctuation for the whole poem until the final one where i used a fullstop. It is there for a meaning, full stop means end something, and its exactly the way i wanted to - End all these stupid things..
I dont use any commas or any other taugehs in between because i want it to mean that its a joint feeling, from paragraph 1 till the last.

-Secondly,the use of 你 is to stress the importance she once had in me,which i unwillingly removed four months ago,and also the impact of that remove.

-The first paragraph is rather messy i would say, because it spans between 3years for only those 12 words. The four elements mentioned in the first paragraph, are things that i did between this three years. Rather meaningless to me, just want a beginning.

-The second paragraph is the thing i like the most about this poem, not just the rhyme, but the thing as a whole. It pictures the time when the feeling was still there, how i willingly and happily(now i would say stupidly) did those things. U all might not see it, but images of those moments still nailed deep inside my heart.

-If you're feeling what i'm feeling, then Third paragraph shows frustration and total disbelieve of what had happened to the poor author. If u cant feel it, then u could add one sentence at the end of this paragraph - 你在玩我笨ma?

-Then the forth and fifth is the part 2 and part 3 of a series of frustration and total disbelieve beginning from the third paragrpah(part1). Its like "jiu这样没le ma?"

-For the last paragrpah, also very deep one.The first and third "着" MUST be pronounced as "zhao"...The meaning is, if u follow the story from this poem, it is early joy and sad end. after the early joy and delights(which is in part 2), the author still keeps a special place for the subject deep in his broken heart. Note that broken means will never be the same as the original!

-Finally, the crowd favourite - 依然. Actually it means nothing now. It was written at the time when I really really couldnt concentrate on doing anything else except thinking of her. So as a conclusion, 依然 is the feeling at the time of writing, which is 21days ago now.

If you have any doubts, Why where what when and how, pls put in comment, i sure to answer.


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Yee Piao said...

Well, no doubts, at all... You already explained all...

ahhhaO said...

i like it
d poem really nice n i like d poem giv me d feeling
mayb got some 感同身受吧!!!^^
u ad explain all le, so, same, nothing wanna ask le

yunn said...

hmm...actually nth much to say...
hehe...the best poem is the poem dat ppl couldn't really understand the feeling but only the author himself....

dat's wat i think...lolZ!!
anywayz...nice one...