Monday, April 16, 2007

M & M

First Impression

How to start le....Erm...I shall begin from the first time i see this little place, a few hundred feet above the ground in an Air Asia Airbus..It was green,all green. Trees, mountains, just like those you'd find in the tourism magazines. As soon as you land, the airport was small..If you had been to Kuantan Airport, thats exactly like the one in Miri. You'd feel yourself like a big fish in a small pond at first. Because its so weird. Their people who speaks malay, dont speak it properly, their malay is like our housemaids' malay, ugly slang. Then you walk down the streets, you'd hardly feel that you're in Malaysia. Its not what I saw on the roads that made me feel like that, its the feeling, that "unrealistic" feeling which i had to convince myself that this is STILL Malaysia.

I wasnt quite happy at the beginning, even though my father was saying how nice and peaceful this little place is. Because the people just arent in their rightest mind! Have you seen coffee shop waiters with high heels? Shite...Cant take it...There is also a big difference here, they'd say "I'm a Mirian proudly". Not like us in Semenanjung, when people ask where u come from, u'd say Penang,or Johore,or KL,den ppl ask KL where,penang where, johore where only we say Butterworth, Bukit Mertajam, Batu Pahat, Klang, Pontian, Cheras, Shah Alam, Puchong.....Here, they're like Sarawak is a country itself, so they'd differentiate themselves between Sabahan and Sarawakian. But we dont see us in Semenanjung being bonded together by our states. We'd be bonded by the same skool we came from, but not states.

Settling down

There were quite a few times edy i heard local classmates,frens say "I'll go to pasar"..Then i started to think, what the hell are these youngsters doing in a place where ppl sell vege, meat, and fruits????!!!! Then someone told me, that when they say Pasar, they mean town..My brain gave an instant reply "What kind of alien is that??"...Here, as i've mentioned many times before, has only 1 McDonalds and 1 Cinema. In our place, You can refill after drinking in McDonalds, but here when i ask, they say no, I say KL got wor,Semenanjung got wor, she say sini Miri..(how i wished i could have said - (Fuck you lar!Miri still Malaysia la!! McDonalds' Franchise satu dunia oso same one la!!!!!) Then go to watch movie..Again, frustrated. We watch at Pacific RM7 oso got nice chair, super cold, and carpet. Here?No carpet,hot, lousy chair(not comfortable,and very close to the next chair,sempit lor),and summore RM8!Cheebuy!The whole cinema in miri, thats it!!!! And u know how they tick the tickets ah?they have a paper, got all seats in cinema,if u buy lyk say F2,they'll put a cross with their marker pen on that paper..RM8 still so lousy...idiots really...

And one thing i dont like about East malaysia is, they have too many Chinese independent school. Ppl from these skool doesnt apreciate our country. They keep saying about taiwan and China. they condemn our University Malaya(ni yang paling aku tak suka), they say our KL is nothing,pure rubbish..Again, Fuck them la, only been to KL once or twice, dunno dun simply say mar..KL so beautiful, street names so sexy, ppl so active, places so happening...China?stupid lar...Malaysia best! And please lar wei East Malaysians, lunch is a meal u take at noon or afternoon, dont take it before-noon!!!! And dinner is round 7/8pm,not 5/6pm la!!!! Aihz...And honestly,sugarbun sucks!!!!!

So I learn lo..Slowly, the lousy "mirian/sarawakian" way..So kampung them...aihz...And the way east malaysians do things, its lyk pre historic..I have a sandakan fren who's a rich boy,think he's seen it all,been in gangsters,its the "ah fei ah fei" type we've seen. Actually i thought he'd seen the world and is a better man than everyone else, then only i discover, kampung boys must go to the city, live the city, enjoy the city..The way they look at things is very childish, they'd solve problems with prehistoric ways - brutality. sometimes i feel like telling him, you're just a junk, u wear quiksilver but u know the meaning? u used to hit ppl with bottles,baseball bats,when u're bullied, ur boss (big brother) will come out and do what the guy did to you, whats the dfference between u blokes and the barbarians 2000 years ago??

The town is small, the radius is not even 1km from the town centre. I walked the whole town myself in less than two hours. There are many hotels here. As for public bus, they're quite strange, sometimes he stops, sometimes he dont..They have a very low awareness of whats going around.For instance, there's a middle age lady carrying bags of goods, she'll just walked around the bus stop once,and stand pity.(i gave her my seat, so PROUD TO BE WEST MALAYSIAN :))


Actually, i'd learn one thing also..That we all live in cirles.Circles of community,circles of ppl, and its always the same. Why i say like that? Cos i see shadows of Lee Kok siang, I see shadows of Honn Ian,Chang Choon teik,nenggi(that bio teacher,forgot her name)...yeh know,tat kind of...Then u'll realise there are certain individuals who are special, you cant find in any other circle, like Tan Pek Soo, Tan Chun Chuan...;-)
I have a feeling like they are all the same at the beginning, its just the way they've lived their life, and of course, environment.

Miri is celebrating its second year as a city on the 20th May and I honestly think, it shouldnt be called a city first lo, cos the place is not city,ppl oso not city enough..


shit me, but i have to mention this :) Apart from wat u all read in article two, there really isnt anything beautyful...Apart from women, the language oso not beautiful.Here they dont speak teochew nor hokkien nor cantonese,they speak foo chow, which is extremely hard to listen,not nice oso the slang and uncle oso say like that...

So anyone of you chaps who wants to come to Miri, dont come, cos its hell boring,hell stupid. But if u want to come and visit me, lainlah cerita :)

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ki said...

why u wen u say we r living in circles and u thought about chang choon teik,"nenggi"?thats i dun understand.

actually i do get the same feeling wif u aso,i feel really hard to find another ppl tat same like dog chuan!!haha!!watever i will forget,i sure will not going to forget what the dog do that really make us happy!!!

last time i really thought of going to miri to find u one,but after u say about the cinema la,the pasar la,wat lunch la,i now really wonder that will i gonna find what i hope to see at there!!i hope next time wen i go to sarawak,u hav totally "masak" wif sarawak!!!

yunn said...'s fun to read wat u write bout miri....

well...hehe...seems like many of unsatisfaction except to ur beautiful

however...maybe next time u should write bout ur will c whether it's worth to visit u in....hmm...maybe one day..i mean it...hehe...

anywayz...take care...n jia you lor!!^^

Yee Piao said...

Can conclude liao, Miri = rubbish?! Lolz. BN focus a lot on the Peninsular le, and population at the East is moving to the West as well so lesser voters will be there le... Give it some time, dude...
I hate the Sunway monorail reno here also but we can only wait...
Have you found the shadows of me?! Careful, I'm always around you... ROFL>>>>>>>>

ahhhaO said...

miri har, if din read wat u write i still anggap dat ppl calling miri city bcos miri really look like a city so maju n canggih,but if hav chance, mayb one day saya akan join ahyunn go to visit u, dat time mayb i can feel wat u feel at miri.
tan pek soo.... she really a good teacher n i jumpa dia last saturday, she still is d most beautiful teacher, luaran n dalaman oso d same,haha.....^^
cheebuy?? haha, i learn a new word again.

Francis Foo said...

How come these type of stone age people who believe in aggression exist in this world even though this is 21st century. In my national service baling camp,these type of people are many regardless of race. 600km away is a land not familiar with us...Man,600km is not a short distance.So,expect many difference!!!!!
lol....long live Miri??