Thursday, April 05, 2007

I said before that people will think a lot when they are free,but even now i'm not so free oso think of a lot of things,her particularly,after that dream few days ago...

Its the second time I dreamt of her, but its the first time i dreamt of her since CNY and since i came to Miri and thought I'd buried everything under the Penang Bridge. The first dream was,err,i should say legendary,where i was a British Army Officer back in World war II in Malaya, and she was my spouse. I ran and hide with her around some village in that dream. The end!(sorry but i dont remember much of that,but cool dream aint it??)

During the wee hours of Wednesday, somewhere between 2.00-2.30am,I was in bed, gathering aas much sleep as possible for the next day's whole day long classes. Then fantasy came in and sent me to a shopping mall(donno where or which one) behind a few friends. She was right in front,maybe 20 yards out, wearing an all-white shirt. Then time stood still,just like you'd see the camera take a 360 turn. After about 3 or 4 seconds,I shouted her name,loud and clear and of course she was looking,i broke my "friends' " line and hug into one with her.Then we went around,chatted,laughed,smiled,gazed at each other,(just like those good old days,i now think of it oso can smile,but a veryy bitter smile la..)...pure love la,exactly the first day i saw her and with her in skool after the November 9th declaration. den dunno why its like a sense of crisis hop in and i woke up, Looked at the alarm clock and made sure again that it will ring at 6.30am, and rephrase the whole story again, den went back to sleep.

In the end,i did wake up at 6.30am,but in the end i decided to buy a sandwich at skool as my breakfast,so i went back to sleep for another 40minutes.

After 4 months and 948 miles away, i hadnt forgot her, she still command a special place above others in my heart. It is a fact i cant change until I die - I still "amour"("love" in french) her. Any volunteers??Haha!!!!

Actually yesterday midnight i found myself on bed, with words rhyming in my brain,so i picked my cellphone up and wrote a poem.But the problem is, i cant type mandarin in skool computer, so unless i found someone to do it for me, den no one will ever see it...I think its brilliant, but lets hope i dont expire it..

re-reading what i wrote a few months back, its still very mcuh true,in terms of how i feel. One more "trait" which i found suddenly generated from myself is, i dont look at women the way i used to.....Am i a bad guy????hahaha!!!!

Its the first post, so i wish to announce that i'm still new(to earth, if u really really think i'm from Mars, like ahyunn does), if i offended u in anyway of my writings, then sorry,but i wont change it. so erm...多多指教(copy paste one)...Signing off Marsian in Miri

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Anonymous said...

Aiyo, got blog tell me directly at my blog lo~~ Why send email wor, if send next time, send to ya...

Anonymous said...

here i am...
actually...u know....u could write quite well in chinese after i repeating read the chinese post in ur last blog....
it's such a waste u din write in chinese ler...

anywayz....maybe u isn't chiak liao bee't think dat much too lar...add oil lar!!!jia you jia you!!

ahhhaO said...

haha, i'm agree dat u can write quite well in chinese after i read dat article "对不起,billy bremner" n if write chinese oso better for me dis 英文白痴 lar...
but nvm, write in english o chinese oso vr good lar
i can read both but english nid more time, haha
so, dont think so muz oso, can sleep n hav a sweet dream really is vr 幸福 liao, dont always 失眠 like me jiu can le lar......

Anonymous said...

actually wanted to leave my comment tat day.buthen i c nobody comment yet so i din comment lo.hehe..
luckily u wrote in english..
abo i dunno how to read d..
but if u wrote in mandarin u wouldnt hav ask me to leave comment d huh??
lik wat i said tat day..
try to forget it..
she already moved on..
so u need too,ok??
i know u do hav feelings 4 her still..
but,try ur best to erase tat feeling in u..
time will heal ur shattered heart..
slowly u will b fine..
dun b upset about it anymore d k??
now,jz concentrate on ur studies..
when u r lonely,dun forget tat u hav ur friends bside u,ready to lend their shoulder 4 u to lean n their ears to listen to ur problem..
tats wat friends are for..(only the yao yi hei ones)

P/S:im one of them..hehe.. =P

i guess my comment is the longest huh??kekexx.. *paiseh*
i think if i din tell u my name u oso can guess hu m i d hoh??
if u dunno go n bang ur head on the wall la..blek!

Martian said...

@Anon1 and zey- "its such a waste u din write in chinese le"-i'm so touched!!!thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Anon2-haha...thank u la,miss evelyn's elder sister!!!!!